Memori DiamondMother’s Day is just around the corner, and everyone seems to have big plans for honoring the special lady in their lives. But what happens when Mom has already passed on? Does the holiday become little more than a difficult reminder of your loss? Or could it become your very own joyful celebration of her life? Though Mom may not be with you in person, you feel her presence in spirit every day. With a little planning and time, you can celebrate her legacy just as lovingly this Mother’s Day as if she were by your side. Here are five simple ways to memorialize Mom on the big day—no matter how many years have passed.

  1. Savor Mom’s favorite meal with family and friends
    It’s undeniable: as humans, food is the epicenter so many of our memories. Did Mom love to cook her special family recipe? Was she passionate about a particular restaurant? Invite your loved ones for that same meal, or gather around Mom’s favorite chef-prepared cuisine. The memories will flow as gently as the wine you share to toast her.

  2. Plant Mom’s favorite flowers, shrubs or a tree in her honor
    Did Mom have a green thumb, or just enjoy being outdoors? Living things are a perfect way to symbolize Mom’s influence, which continues to grow in your family. Select a spot in your garden to nurture her memory. Alternatively, call your local parks department to see if you can give or plant a tree in a local green space, with a commemorative plaque in your mother’s name.

  3. Donate funds or time to Mom’s favorite charity or cause
    No doubt about it: Mom helped make the world a better place. Pass on the gifts she has given you and others by choosing a favorite charity or cause to benefit in her name. It could be a financial gift made in her honor for Mother’s Day. Or, it could be a few hours of your time, volunteering for the cause. Consider inviting siblings or other loved ones to make it a family affair.

  4. Hold a remembrance ceremony
    It’s never too late to commemorate Mom's life and impact. Gather your children, siblings and extended family in a location that’s meaningful for everyone. Invite them to read poetry or display artwork in mom’s honor, share a memory, or rededicate themselves to carrying on her legacy. This occasion is also a perfect opportunity to exchange commemorative gifts. Our Memori diamonds—elegance, nearly colorless, and customized with your favorite image of Mom—are the perfect token of remembrance.

  5. Gift yourself and others with a Memori diamond
    Mom may not be here to receive a gift of jewelry, but you can still wear her close to your heart. Our beautiful solitaire diamonds feature an indelible image of your mother discreetly etched on their surface. Where others see only a stately piece of diamond jewelry, you see your own private remembrance of Mom. Wear her everywhere this Mother’s Day in a custom-engraved high-quality necklace, lapel pins or earrings set—or purchase a loose remembrance stone for the setting of your choice. Memori diamonds and diamond remembrance jewelry also make an unforgettable heirloom gift to others who loved Mom.

When you’ve already lost your mother, the Mother’s Day holiday can be a very challenging one. But with a little creativity, and a lot of love, you can celebrate Mom in her own special way. And know that she’s with you in spirit.

Memori is the world’s only provider of high quality diamonds, personalized with pictures and messages. Memori helps you keep your loved ones close to your heart with a diamond that is forever.

Conrad Ayala
Conrad Ayala


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