While Mother’s Day arrives to universal acclaim, Father’s Day can slip past us with a little bit less fanfare. Mom was likely the one who bandaged our scrapes, praised our childhood artwork and sent us care packages at college, yes. But that doesn’t mean Dad’s impact is any less deep or long-lasting. Father’s Day is our chance to highlight and honor that impact—and make a few high-impact memories of our own.

This Father’s Day, give the man in your life all the love and honor he deserves. And here are a five fresh, fun ways to do it:

Plan Dad’s favorite activity—and invite him along.

Is Dad a prizewinning angler, or the guy who’s always in his workshop out back? Maybe he loves to just go for a country drive. Or knock out eighteen holes on the green. Whatever his preference, show Dad you care by designing a family outing around his favorite activities. This is also a perfect way to gather loved ones and memorialize a dad who has already passed on.

Spend a day volunteering together at his favorite cause.

This Father’s Day, why not make memories with Dad while making an impact? Ask Dad about his favorite causes, charities or local interest groups. Contact the organization and inquire about upcoming opportunities to lend a hand. Whether trash collecting at the local park, ladling soup or packing boxes for the needy—nothing honors Dad’s impact like serving with him for the greater good.

Explore a groundbreaking new activity together.

Perhaps you like to keep Father’s Day traditional with the Father’s Day gift. Why not put a twist on it by arranging a fabulous experience—and surprise Dad with the news by wrapping up the tickets, confirmation slip, or information brochure? Maybe Dad’s the adventurous type who’s always threatened to skydive, hover board, or climb a mountain. Or perhaps his ideal experience is closer to home—a trip to a local festival, race or air show.

Throw a picnic or party in Dad’s honor.

We’ve all taken a dad, grandfather or uncle out to eat on the big day. But what about designing your own event—and inviting family share a public word about why they admire Dad? We often wait to share praises until after someone has passed. But many times, the most meaningful tributes are given in the presence of the one being honored. A meal event, followed by a few hearty words and an even heartier toast, just might become one of Dad’s favorite memories.

TCreate legacy jewelry that Dad can wear.

At Memori Diamond, our favorite way to honor an individual is to capture their likeness on a stunning, one-of-a-kind memorial stone. Using patented LifeMark engraving technology, we transform a portrait image into a high-quality laser-engraved diamond that can be set and worn as a one-of-a-kind. Why not give one to Dad for Father’s Day, complete with a portrait of Mom, his children, or a favorite pet? Our engraved lapel pins are a perfect option for any dad who appreciates a little sentiment—and sparkle.

Memori is the world’s leading provider of high quality, nearly colorless solitaire diamonds with permanently etched images. As personal commemorative specialists, the team at Memori help families and friends keep their loved ones close to their heart with wearable diamond tribute jewelry.

Conrad Ayala
Conrad Ayala


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