How To Create Your Memori Diamond

Choice A

Choose a Good Photo

Good Photos

Medium / Close up Image
So you can see your loved one's beautiful smile.

Clear & Crisp Detail
So that it can be accurately recreated within your diamond.

In Forcus
So that they will be the one making the diamond sparkle.

Even Lighting
Your loved ones face should be lit evenly with no harsh shadows or bright lights.

Good Image
Bad Image

Bad Photos

Far Away
The subject needs to be close so there's enough detail.

Blurry / Out of Focus
If the details are not sharp, the image in the diamond will be hard to see.

Busy Background
If there's a lot going on, your loved one will be hard to spot.

Uneven Lighting
Harsh shadows and bright light won't transfer well to black and white, possibly making part of your loved one's face not visible.

Choice B

Choose Meaningful Text

Whether it is an important date, your loved one's name, or a bible verse,
words can carry so much meaning.

Meaningful Text

Choice C

Meaningful Text and Your Photo

You can include both photo and minimaltext.

Meaningful Text and Photo