For Prospective Funeral Home Partners

What is the Memori Diamond?

Memori is a new memorial product that captures your beloved's image on the diamond surface, creating a truly personal keepsake for you to remember and reconnect with loved ones.

Why is it a Great Product for You to Offer?

  • Great margins - You make an average of 30% retail margin on every item
  • No inventory costs - There is no need for you to carry any inventory. All items are shipped directly to you or the customer from Memori when the order is placed.
  • Simple pricing - Clear and simple prices on every item. Our prices will only change once a year.
  • High quality product - We only use high quality natural diamonds. Our products are comparable to branded diamonds from the high end retail chains. All settings are set in genuine 14K gold.

More about the Engraving

Memori uses a patented nano-engraving technology called LifeMark. It is the only diamond engraving process on the market that can achieve this high level of detail and resolution. This engraving is invisible to the naked eye and can be viewed using the provided handheld magnifying viewer. It is permanent and cannot be accidentally destroyed or damanged. Like a traditional memorial stone, it is created to last for the ages.

How Can You Get Started?

Simple. Just contact Debra Wagner at 262-242-0329 to have a Memori display shipped to you. Showcase the products in your funeral home and explain to your customers why a Memori diamond is the preferred way to remember their loved one. Ordering is all done online through our website. Once an order is placed, we will typically create and ship the items within 72 hours.

The initial cost is a $249 refundable deposit. You will receive this amount back when either 1) you make the first sale or 2) you return the display in satisfactory condition any time after 6 months.

This is the complete Memori display you will receive. It will also come with a personalized engraved CZ you can use to demo the unique engraving and wow your customers.  

About Us

Memori is a division of a company that has served the diamond industry for over 15 years. Some of our customers are the largest jewelry and diamond companies in the world. Since our founding, we have built one of the strongest reputations in the market and earned the trust of our customers. We look forward to working with you to provide your customers with a unique Memori Diamond to remember their loved one.